We use the UMBC group umbc-ai to share news about AI research, events, and opportunities at UMBC. UMBC faculty, staff, and students can join the group to receive email messages. Anyone can view past news on the group or on the AI.UMBC.EDU website. Below are short summaries of recent messages from the UMBC AI Center.



Talk: Swarm Intelligence for Numerical Optimization, 4/24

Graduate Students Seminar, Math and Statistics

Graduate Students Seminar An Application of Swarm Intelligence in Numerical Optimization Speaker: Emoke Galambos Discussant: Prof. Sengchul Baek 11-12pm ET, Wednesday, April 24, 2024...

Posted: April 23, 2024, 9:11 AM

Talk: Visible-Thermal Image Registration & Translation, 4/24

4-5:15 pm ET, Wed., April 24, 2024 in ENGR 231 and online

Visible-Thermal Image Registration and Translation for Remote Medical Applications Catherine Ordun, Booz Allen Hamilton 4-5:15 pm ET, Wednesday, April 24, 2024 UMBC, ENGR 231 and Webex...

Posted: April 22, 2024, 8:20 AM

Looking Out for Your Data Privacy, 12-1 ET Monday April 22

UMBC AI, Privacy, and Ethics Symposium

UMBC AI, Privacy, and Ethics Symposium Looking Out for Your Data Privacy Amy Swackhamer 12-1pm ET, Monday, April 22, 2024 Join University of Maryland, College Park's Web Librarian, Amy...

Posted: April 20, 2024, 11:06 AM

Unlocking Productivity with Microsoft Copilot, 12-1 ET 4/18

See how it works with documents, email, and presentations

In the next AI Lunchbox session from the UMBC Training Centers, Dhruv Ratra will cover Microsoft Copilot and its use with familiar Microsoft products like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and...

Posted: April 16, 2024, 3:43 PM

Machine Learning for Bioprocess Sensor Innovation

UMBC's Prof. Govind Rao interviewed for GEN News article

UMBC Professor Govind Rao, was interviewed for an article on Machine Learning for Bioprocess Sensor Innovation in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News on the use of machine learning for...

Posted: April 15, 2024, 4:34 PM

Talk: Learning to Synthesize Images, 4-5:15pm ET, Wed. 4/17

Advances in Perception, Prediction & Reasoning seminar

Learning to Synthesize Images with Multimodal and Hierarchical Inputs Yu Zeng, JHU April 17, 2024 4:00 – 5:15 PM ENGR 231, UMBC or Webex In recent years, image synthesis and manipulation...

Posted: April 15, 2024, 8:44 AM

UMBC Prof. Lara Martin video on Neurosymbolic AI and LLMs

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Large Language Models

UMBC professor Lara Martin gave a presentation recently at the JHU Center for Language & Speech Processing (CLSP). Her talk, Neurosymbolic AI or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the...

Posted: April 12, 2024, 11:52 AM

Talk: GeoAI for Social Good, 12-1pm ET Wed. April 10

Lean how Geospatial Artificial Intelligence is being applied

GeoAI for Social Good Dr. Raju Vatsavai North Carolina State University 12-1pm ET Wednesday, April 10, 2024, online Several decades of research have led to current advances in...

Posted: April 9, 2024, 7:49 AM